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What We Do
Save the precious stories of your family. Click here to start.

SAGAS has assembled a national network of thousands of professional videographers trained by award-winning documentary filmmaker David Hoffman and charged them with this mission:

Preserve family's histories on video, for the people in their lives now and for the benefit of future generations.


SAGAS video interviews are personal and revealing, capturing the essence of a person at a moment in time. Because our videographers are local to the person being interviewed, SAGAS videos can be done quickly and inexpensively, anywhere in America. Most interviews take one hour and are conducted at home, at the office, or anywhere convenient.

We produce a video master and a digital protection copy. We send our customer a gold DVD archival master packaged in a museum quality case. The customer owns the content.

The cost is $399 for a 1 hour video. You'll have the finished Gold Archival DVD in a week or less

sample video

if you are interested in saving your family's history on video, you should consider these important questions


Why interview family members on video?

As much as we hate to think about it, the people in our lives won’t always be there – and neither will we...

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Would my family member agree to do this?

Most ordinary citizens think "I have nothing interesting to say." Everybody has a story to tell...

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Couldn't I just do this myself?

No one has the time and few have the skills to video record the people they love - have you?

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