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Testimonials from our Customers
“I got my two children and my ex-mother-in-law interviewed. Even though there are “issues,” these videos really brought the family closer. Dozens of family members have now ordered DVD copies.”
-Marc, Palo Alto, CA
“I was adopted at birth and only recently met my birth mother. I used SAGAS to have both my adopted mother and my birth mother interviewed. I learned so much. Thank you SAGAS for giving me two hours of wonderful clarity. My new wife loved them too.
-John, Austin, TX
“My friend was about to have a baby and I was trying to think what gift I could get him and the coming kid. I used SAGAS to interview the grandparents and gave it as a gift to my friend and his child. When they saw it, everybody cried, even the kid.”
-Barak, San Francisco, CA
“I had my mother interviewed talking about raising me and my brothers, and about her long successful marraige. She was convinced she had nothing interesting to say - boy did this video prove that wrong. She told wonderful stories that I had never heard before.”
-Brian, Philidelphia, PA
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